Previous work


I worked on the implementation of the new custom UI (the Gauge and all the associated elements on screen), wrote dozens of Unit Tests (both JUnit and Espresso), and made sure the UI worked well with RTL languages and over 30 other Locales.

Starbucks US

I was part of the team which implemented Mobile Ordering and Payment in the US, using a local (embedded) RealmDB (now acquired by MongoDB).


I was hired to improve their old 2.0 Android app and implement their new 3.x iOS UI/REST Apis. I learned to integrate Chromecast, a MusicPlayer, playing music in the background, new APIs, etc.


Participated in various projects during different periods, mostly related to their cruise lines.


I was part of the team who worked on their TV Streaming service App initial architecture.

Orion Labs

A SF-Based company that does 2-way radio software and hardware. Extensive usage of advanced RXJava patterns. I contributed to maintain and expand their existing Android app in various fronts including expanding their test suite.

Major League Baseball

I worked on the library they embedded in their Ballpark app to allow customers to order food from their seats, and later pick them at special Lockers in the stadiums. Their plan was to include in-seat delivery, but it didn’t make the cut due to a backend issue.

Rotunda Software

A small SF-based startup. I created their Android native app to interact with their backend, so users didn’t have to use a web-based version.


A real-estate SF-Based company that wanted to build an app for their Realtors (not for end users). Extensive usage of Google Maps APIs. I was part of their small team of Android contractors.

Fox Business News

iOS development (Swift 2.0). My first iOS app in Swift. I learned a lot of AutoLayout.

DickClarkProductions (DCP)

More view controllers, more Tables, HTTP requests, and CoreData, all in Swift 2.0.

Mapbox Prototype

An internal proof of concept using Mapbox maps for another company that wanted to evaluate if the capabilities of Mapbox were on par with their product. I used iOS/Swift at their request.